• Camiguin subsidizes farms to plant improved lanzones variety


    MAMBAJAO, CAMIGUIN, September 22 (PIA) – The improved “camlong” Camiguin-Longkong lanzones variety will be made available to local farms next month through a subsidized scheme, seen to boost quality, production, and economy here.

    Camlong has a longer shelf life of 12 to 14 days when compared to the native lanzones which changes color four days after harvest.lanzones

    Provincial Governor Jurdin Jesus M. Romualdo called on farmers to maximize on the opportunity and assured them that the process will cut off the production and propagation period of lanzones planting materials to only four months, than the traditional propagation period which requires more than a year, while harvesting is seen as early as five to six years instead of usual eight to twelve years period.

    Under the plant now pay later program (PNPL), which is also available for other fruit growers, the provincial agriculture office (PAO), will take charge of the land preparation and planting, while the owner secures the area by providing sturdy (not necessarily concrete) perimeter fence to protect the plant from animals and intruders.

    It’s a 60/40 scheme, 40 percent of the total harvest will given to the local government and the remaining 60 percent will go to the land owner, after five harvests the contract will be forfeited and the owner will regain back his harvests in full. (JCV/ PIA10)

    Camiguin subsidizes transportation of lanzones

    Cagayan to Camiguin (7)

    MAMBAJAO, Camiguin, September 21 (PIA) — To control the unsafe transport of lanzones via pump boats to the mainland and Bohol, the provincial government is offering free transport to traders here.

    Governor Jurdin Jesus M. Romuldo came up with the proposition in his meeting with the local traders, recently, concerned with their welfare as well as wastage of the fruit when boxes are thrown out into the sea in cases of bad weather.

    The governor emphasized on their safety specially that the province has no search and rescue capability.

    “These vessels are not designed to carry loads of people or commodity. The Maritime Industry Authority (MARINA) only recommends at least 12 meters long pump boats, capable of carrying 10 tons minimum load to ply between Bohol and Misamis Oriental,” he explained.

    The governor, however, assured that daily trips to Bohol will resume at the end of this month, as of today there are only two schedules available, every Monday and Wednesday.

    Meanwhile, apart from shipping, the local government also revisited the ordinance on packaging and seeking the assistance of the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) and Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) to improve the packaging, to be at least compartmentalized to prevent rotting and standardize the weight each boxes hold to 20-kilos. (JCValcorza/PIA)


    LGU affords livestock, poultry medical services for free
    WESTBROOK, ME - APRIL 17: Meghan Flanagan inspects a goat's eye before performing an ultrasound to determine if its pregnant at Smiling Hill Farm in Westbrook, ME on Friday, April 17, 2015. (Photo by Whitney Hayward/Staff Photographer)

    MAMBAJAO, Camiguin, September 8 (PIA) — The local government unit in Mambajao is extending preventive and curative services to protect livestock and poultry animals from diseases.

    It conducted regular house-to-house vaccination and vaccinated 1,270 cattles, 468 carabaos, 2,052 swine, 1,120 goats, and 49 poultry animals, as of June this year. 

    The Provincial Veterinary Office (PVO) said they have reached around 2,373 farming families and another 4,080 families for deworming/defluking, and castration.

    The program also comprises of examinations for animal health services such as fecal and semen examinations.

    This year, PVO also administered iron/vitamin injections to boost physical health of the animals. (JCV/PIA 10)

    Taiwan Rabies_AP_Aug 1 2013

    Camiguin scales up rabies control program

    MAMBAJAO, Camiguin, September 8 (PIA) — Upholding its rabies free status, authorities here have also scaled up efforts in strengthening quarantine measures.

    “We have been strictly observing entries of dogs in ports and airports, in fact have confiscated four dogs already in the first semester of the year,” said provincial veterinarian Louis S. Bollozos.

    Other than quarantine, the provincial government has ensured the continuous implementation of the rabies control program which includes the bi-annual conduct of house-to-house rabies vaccination throughout the province, and the provision of free vaccines to walk-in clients.

    The accomplishment to date records some 3,636 cats and dogs vaccinated or some 2,246 families served.

    The Rabies Information and Education (IEC) program which intends to push awareness on the dangers of rabies has also been carried out, including the random catching activities for stray dogs. (JCV/PIA 10)

    Camiguin targets to curb malnutrition rate to 3% in 2016



    MAMBAJAO, Camiguin, August 25 (PIA) – The provincial leadership here issued a strong policy pronouncement to reduce malnutrition rate to three percent among under-five children (0-71 months) in 2016.

    Governor Jurdin Jesus M. Romualdo uttered the commitment during the recent conduct of the Monitoring and Evaluation of Local Level Plan Implementation (MELLPI) on nutrition, in which the province, including two towns and five barangays we’re subjected to the evaluation conducted by the Regional Nutrition Evaluation Team (RNET).

    Camiguin reported an improved nutritional status of underweight and severely underweight children, based on the Operation Timbang (OPT) or weighting result, the province noted a 7.15 percent malnutrition rate in 2012 to only 5.88 percent in 2014.

    Romualdo noted that it would had been easier to target lower than three percent, if the data does not include the other side face of malnutrition, which is obesity.

    When it comes to over nutrition, Camiguin reflected a 1.03 percent rate, ranking 4thin the region. Lanao del Norte with 1.80 percent, Misamis Occidental with 1.59percent, Misamis Oriental with 1.11percent and Bukidnon with .54 percent.

    The rates are all increasing except for the province as it reflected .03percent decrease from 2013.

    To achieve its target, the provincial and municipal LGUs have been initiating various program in support to nutrition from learning sessions to feeding, and livelihood assistance to priority families with identified malnourished children. (JCV/PIA10)



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