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The provincial administration of Camiguin has invested considerably to make the province an ideal destination for investors looking to position themselves in southern Philippines -since Camiguin is located strategically between the Visayas and Mindanao and transportation between the Tourism and trade hubs - Cebu, Bohol and Cagayan De Oro is dependable and scheduled several times daily. Tourism-based investors, who will take advantage of the island being one of the most beautiful in the Philippines will find the potential for considerable returns immense as reflected by the rapid development of the Tourism and service-based sectors over the last five years. Basic services are at par with the country's best while the roads and other vital infrastructures are first-class. 

Politically, the province is very stable, resulting to it being one of the most peaceful in the country where crime rate is practically nil. The provincial administration has also taken steps to hasten processing time for investors, allowing them to operate their businesses at record pace. The workforce in the island is also skilled and educated. Interventions at this level will be minimal.


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