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    The uniqueness for the Camiguinon's artistry comes from the their ability to adopt to other cultures and to incorporate borrowed ideas into their own. The Camiguin culture is a mixture of both Boholano and Cebuano culture. It is very colorful and creative. The people are deeply religious, hospitable and friendly. "Bisaya" is the major dialect in the Province.
    Annually, Camiguinons celebrate two major festivals. The Lanzones Festival, which started in the 1980's, is a celebration of thanksgiving for the natural bounty Camiguin is blessed with. A symbol of this Celebration is the Lanzones. A sweet tropical fruit endemic to Southeast Asia. Camiguin is known to have the sweetest lanzones in the world.
    Every Holy Week, thousand from across the country and the world also trek to Camiguin to celebrate the Panaad. The Panaad, a Cebuano term that means Commitment, is an annual religious Christian celebration in memory of Christ's sacrifice for man's salvation.

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