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As of 2001, a report from Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), shows that agriculture-based investments in Camiguin reached 28 million while service-based investments was pegged at 65 million. New investments in trading was at 21 million, consumer-manufacturing businesses amounted to over 1.5 million and other investments based on bank releases amounted to approximately 80 million pesos.
Camiguin has just the right climate that makes it an ideal venue for investment. Its strong political leadership, investor-friendly policies, skilled-manpower and strategic geographical location makes investing in Camiguin one of the best business decisions one can make.
Lately, the provincial government has unveiled efforts to fast-track and assist in the development of additional resort facilities to cater to the needs of a fast growing international and local tourist market.
To enhance its accessibility to neighboring provinces in the Visayas and Mindanao, the provincial government has also made it possible for ferry operators to ply ferry and catamaran routes between Camiguin and Bohol.
To ensure of the sustainability of its energy resources, the provincial government of Camiguin has also enhanced its existing power source by upgrading the electrical submarine cable line of the province and by working with its Spanish partners in the development of clean and alternative wind energy.
On the table below, one will find the priority areas of investment and development in the province of Camiguin.

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